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awnings_bedfly bagged awning | bed fly | kitchen awning
Bed fly (left); kitchen awning (right)
kitchen_awning kitchen awning
bagged bed fly on Jayco van bagged bed fly rolled up on Jayco van
Bagged bed fly, rolled up, on Jayco van
bed fly unrolled on Jayco van unrolled bed fly back view
Unrolled bed fly on Jayco van
unrolled bed fly side view unrolled bed fly side view
Unrolled bed fly, side view
unrolled bed fly corner view unrolled bed fly corner view
Unrolled bed fly, corner view
Expanda Bed Fly Expanda bed fly side view
Expanda bed fly on Jayco van
Expanda Bed Fly on Jayco van Expanda bed fly corner view
full length bedfly full length bed fly
Full length bed fly, $385 for one or $760 for both ends.
privacy screen 1 privacy screen
privacy screen
privacy screen 2 privacy screen
PVC top with bag PVC top with bag
PVC top with bag and NO sides, $260
long bedfly extra large bedfly
extra long bedfly, slides on the end of an awning
privacy screen
Expanda bed fly, side view
Clothes Line
clothes line clothes line
Clothes Line (the PVC wraps around the poles and clips up and rope goes through the eyelets). Comes with 5 metres of rope and a storage bag. Cost $20.
clothes line clips clothes line clips
clothes line bag clothes line bag
Kitchen awning from $320
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Photo Gallery

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coloured hose bags coloured hose bags
hose bag set hose bag set
spanner bag spanner wrap
New coloured hose bags. Price starting at $20.
Set of small, medium and large hose bags,
plus a peg bag for $65.
Spanner wraps made of PVC and leather.
Price $125.

Closeup of multi-coloured overnight bag

Budget Bedflys – Photo Gallery home banner



multi coloured overnight bags maroon work or overnight bag
multi coloured overnight bag closeup multi coloured overnight bag close up

Multi-coloured overnight bag


Hose Bags, Spanner Wrap:



hose bag 1 water hose bag


hose bag 2 grey water hose bag


hose bag 3 electric lead bag hose bag


Water hose, grey water hose and electric lead bags. Made from 90% shade cloth with pvc bottom. Colours dark green, black, sandstone and grey. No raw edges. All seams are covered with binding. Hoses and leads not included. Postage on application.


Kitchen Awning, Bed Flys, Bed Fly Walls, Expanda Bedflys, and accessories:













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Extra Storage Space, Covers, Shadecloth colours
extra storage space extra storage space
Extra Storage Space
tyre bag tyre bag
Tyre cover can be made out of PVC or shadecloth
shade cloth colours shade cloth colours
Shadecloth colours LtoR Dark Green, Light and Dark Charcoal, Sandstone and Black
stone protector stone protector for caravan
Stone Protector for caravan
Generator Cover and Orange and Black Overnight Bag
Toilet curtain Toilet curtain in shower cubicle
Toilet curtain closeup Toilet curtain close up

Generator cover
Orange and black overnight bag